Come Chat with The KWSN!

How to chat with the Knights

The Knights use IRC chat to talk to each other. You will need an IRC chat program like mIRC for Windows or Ircle for Mac. Or for even more functionality get Trillian from Cerulean Studios or Gaim, which allow you to IRC, ICQ, AIM, MSN IM, Jabber, and Yahoo IM all from the one client program.

If you already have an IRC client click here to automatically join our chat channel.

You will need to connect to an EFnet server, Trillian comes with a very good list, also some good servers are,,,, and You can also find a list of servers here. You can also connect to the EFnet web client, though it's best to only use it as a last resort. Then connect to channel #SetiAtHome, someone is always there.