About the Knights Who Say Ni!

Who are we?

The Knights Who Say Ni! was formed by Lizard, our team founder. The name came from another international group, of the same name, that used to play on-line games many years ago. Since this group was no more, the name was carried over to the Seti project and there was much rejoicing. As the saying goes, "build it and they will come.", so Lizard started building shrubs and we all came, from all points around the world. That may be a rather silly way to put it, but, forming a club around a skit from a Monty Python movie to help the Seti project find ET is a rather silly thing to do also... So Lizard found himself surrounded by a bunch of rather silly knights, which he is now stuck with, but he doesn't mind, being rather silly himself...

The main goals of the team was, and still is: To process as many shrubs (WUs) as possible for Seti in the name of The Knights Who Say Ni!. To endeavor to be the top team in the Seti team rankings. And to have a fun time doing so. While never attaining the #1 spot, we have, never-the-less, made a name for ourselves staying in the top 20 teams, and the top 10 for a good part of the time, and we have had a fun time doing so!

The team is currently made up of members in various parts of the USA, Australia, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, UK, The Netherlands, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Iceland, Slovenia, Niue, France, Poland, Ireland, Yugoslavia, New Zealand, Greece, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Singapore. If you join our team and are from parts not listed, please let us know and we will add your country.

Membership in The Knights Who Say Ni! is open to everyone! We are always looking for a few good Knights! Please come join us CLICK HERE, and talk to us in our on-line message board CLICK HERE, and chat with us live on IRC CLICK HERE. We are a friendly (and a very silly) bunch and welcome all.

And for anyone who doesn't remember, "The Knights Who Say Ni!" are some characters from the 1974 movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. For a silly good time, give it a viewing! You will not be sorry!